Practice Profile

Founded in 2005, Palladian London is a market-leading architecture and design practice with the ability, vision and experience to create spectacularly designed properties. Its distinctive architectural spaces contain calm and comfortable environments, with clean lines, natural light, unique materials, and cutting-edge lighting and technology.


Design directors Beatle and Hugo are personally involved in every project - they are in direct contact with every client and oversee all designs.

Clients usually come to Palladian London when they are searching for, or have found, an existing building with huge potential that is in need of a substantial upgrade.

The design team takes time to understand their clients’ lifestyles and then visualises how they will spend time in every room of their new home with the initial scheme based on design inspirations. A quantity surveyor is then commissioned to draft a budget based on feasibility designs.

When the budget is approved, a carefully selected team is assigned to create detailed designs. The design is then developed over time through ongoing dialogue with the client.

Palladian London is adept at increasing the size of properties, incorporating clever design solutions, and filling dark spaces with light and texture.


Palladian Directors: Alexander and Hugo Lindsay-Fynn

Brothers Beatle and Hugo Lindsay-Fynn use their combined skills and experience to lead their design and architectural practice which specialises in private and investment properties.

Beatle has a background in urban planning and interior and architectural design, while Hugo’s background is in the history of architecture, architectural design and real estate development.

Projects are carefully selected to ensure the directors can be involved directly at every stage.

  • Studio 39 Meridian House, Juniper Drive, Battersea, London SW18 1QS
  • Tel. +44 (0)20 7351 1913 · contact [at]
  • RIBA Chartered Practice